Halloween Sale

[Owner] Elias OP posted Oct 26, 17

You know what's really scary? The thought of the server going down.

Let's keep that from happening with our Halloween Sale!

In all seriousness guys, not only do I want to keep this server going as long as I can so that everyone can enjoy the unique experiences we have to offer, but I also want to be able to say that I did it for as long as remotely possible. You've all done wonderfully on that over the past year and a half we've been at this and I can't tell you how much that kind of stuff means to me as being an original Bendcraft player. I kinda feel like there's a bit of a misconception on what that means when I say it, so I'll say Bendcraft (2014) when referring to the original. I played there, and I was amidst so many unique people and I had a blast even if I was getting my cheeks ground to some booty paste. While I hope some of your experiences are a little bit less volatile than mine and you don't become gluteous pasteous, I want you all to enjoy the server for what it is. I know a lot of things have changed and we've veered from tradition, though without change we can never hope to advance as a community. If you can open yourself up to it and allow it, then I'll meet you halfways and hopefully we can reach a mutual understanding. Also, I'm working on a 2-Part Halloween Quest, and this will be one of the few times you aspiring spooky Waterbenders can grab Bloodbending without having to pay a cent, well...who knows you might just pay in blood, no pun intended.

That's all for now! Stay strong, benders!


Difficulty Update:
I've taken into account a lot of player feedback I've gotten over the servers uptime.
I've even tested it myself. I mean, what better way to understand what a player means than just trying the server on your own.
It is definitely challenging to say the least, but that's what I strove for so while I'm not dumbing it down too much, here's what's changed.
  • Money
    • Slight increase in the equation used to calculate money from jobs. It's minute, but it's definitely not cents for hours of hard labor. You'll find yourself quite pleased with it. That's what I hope for anyway.

    • You can now somewhat exchange the difficult trophies. No, this doesn't mean Arctic Zed's. We're referring to Hawkeye, Atilla, and event bosses. You could always cheese this system by conning someone who doesn't know better, or just looting someone. Either way, cash out as you like!

    • Farmer's Shop is coming soon! Yes, the spawn egg recipe for the Farmer job is busted, but I'm working on a small shop that'll fix the egg problem. You don't even have to pay extra. Just punch the sign and get your eggs. Also a little chance machine. I wouldn't call it slots because it doesn't function that way, but you can go big or go home! You can also get exclusive items out of that. The slot machines are purely in-game money, you don't have to pay for anything to use them. 

    • The shops are back, but not physically. One of the staff members goofed and our prior shop has seemed to have just vanished. May that beautiful creature rest in peace. But hey, it's a GUI shop so you can't possibly get lost! We'll be offering perks, items, custom items, and other in-game necessities from there. Now you don't have to struggle too hard to feed a hungry airbender and his bison. Hint.

    • I added a few more rare chances to voting to get additional money. Nothing too wild, but it can happen and when it does you'll dance the dance of joy. Because everyone knows the struggle of being broke.

  • Mechanics
    • This one is my personal favorite to talk about. Prestiges! Oh yeah, that mechanic I promised like 5 months ago but pushed away because it was really time consuming to do. Yeah, they're here! They've been there, but I was mulling it over and realized it is a bit of a kicker to both essentially beat the server then have to pay to start over. We'll leave you with some money in your pocket, and the 5k startup is removed. You'll thank me in the long run. I'll thank you if you do all 11 of them so I can have a great fight with someone who has a near-complete arsenal. To check where you are, and what you'll be needing to prestige you have to type exactly /q start "Bending Prestige 1" 

    • Redlotus & WhiteLotus
      • We've decided to start spicing it up, just aesthetically so that people won't feel so out of the loop on who's done what. RedLotus is awarded to top player time of the week, for 1 week. WhiteLotus will be given to the top voter of the week. 

      • There is no difference between the two permissions-wise. You literally get /feed, /boi, /dab. This is how it is for now, but in the future we're thinking of something a little more cosmetic to act as incentive. Maybe an exclusive ability. 
        (The last two weren't of my choice, trust me) 

    • Yuan Shop (More To Come?)
      • A topic of debate is what is coming to the Yuan Shop. The answer simply is many cosmetic things. A lot may be recycles of stuff you may not have in-game money for, but have voted like a madman. Though, with things like FireDisc's Blue Fire easter egg, that's the type of stuff you should expect. Tidbits and easter eggs. 

      • Backpacks got a little bit of an update to where (since I have a fixation on near complete fairness) the Yuan Shop now offers larger backpack sizes. Get to voting, and you'll lighten your load. (Hah. Don't judge me, I'm an adult)

    • Tournaments & Probending
      • I've decided that considering how the server plays, it'd be highly unlikely for either of these to happen. Before you start shaking your head and thinking "Bad move, Elias. Everyone loves to compete" I'm not even removing it. I'm doing the smart thing and making the regions for these to be "Free bending" zones so to speak. You'll have access to every allowed ability that we choose to give you, a fair loadout, I won't skip out on the stuff people like. But there will be moves that you have to bring yourself. Well you don't have to, but it'd increase your odds of winning. So hopefully this will encourage a more active community. 

      • Same goes for Probending, once I get that system set up to where we don't spend 10 minutes on technical difficulties, we'll have you all up and knocking one another out the ring! I hope to see you all in that ring showing one another what for!

    • Free-Bending World
      • This idea has been pitched to me by the staff and players alike. The free-bending world. If you're unfamiliar with what it is. You probably haven't even stepped foot in Bendcraft. Bendcraft doesn't offer you every move right off the bat, and you use in-game money to build your arsenal. In this world which I'm considering doing, you'll be able to fight unabated by the confines of Bendcraft's traditional loadout. Like with tournaments and PB, there's a limit to what you'll be able to have manually, but I feel like to enable a more fun experience that everyone can have it'd be in our best interest to give you something. Still, like with most bending servers that already do this by norm. Donors will probably beat the snot out of you. But hey, you could always ask for a fair fight. This will help you in a sense that if you go to the free world and you have all 4 elements from the normal world, you'll basically be an avatar. So there's still incentive to play normally! 

        This idea is purely a planned proposal, and I'd love feedback from my own community! Let me know what you all as savvy benders, and the not so savvy what you'd think of something like this. Constructively, not being outright rude. 
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