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Open Beta Test!

[Mod] shane posted Feb 25, 17

As said in the title the server is back up and running again! Currently we are in an open beta test where players and staff alike can find bugs so when the server is officially ready, the experience can be that much better for all of you! There are features that we would like you to explore like the interactive spawn, quests, new balanced bending, and more. Hope to see you out there all, have fun!

[Ex-Staff] Jwaffles fucking triggered
[Member] Vampragon43 It's going to be hard to recreate everything, but the new spawn and everything does look so cool. Here we go again....
[Helper] _Blue_Enigma_
_Blue_Enigma_ @ BC Legacy
heck ya! :d

We'll Be Back!

[Owner] Elias OP posted Feb 6, 17

The server is moving to a new host and will therefore be down for a couple of days. Please be patient during this time to allow for file changes and general improvements. Keep an eye on  the website for more information. There may or may not be a reset during this time to fix issues with permissions and the economy. If this does happen then remember that if you used real money to pay for anything then you will either keep what you paid for or be compensated with equal value. Vote points (Yuans) will not be refunded and neither will in game money that was not paid for with real money. This is to help improve the system and help smooth things out. The map could also be changed in this time since as I said. it is a reset. This means that when you join the server you will be a "New Player" as you were when you first ever did and will have to re create factions and rebuild houses. If the world data is deleted then the map will probably be on a new seed. This goes for warp wild and any others you can think of that allowed you to roam and build freely. Job levels and bending moves will be set back to 0 (Again, unless you paid.). Hopefully during this reset/update the bending moves will be balanced out to force players to use a range of skills instead of only using lava over and over or bloodbending and so on. This would mean cooldown changes and improvements as well as power alterations. Bending in our opinion at least is the largest part of what the server is and should be focused on as such. The way you acquire new moves will also be changed to be more of a challenge.

- Bendcraft Staff Team (Message composed by Fury)

[Mod] shane Losing moves and stuff is a bummer but with it we will fix most of the issues on the server, thanks for understanding!
[Member] avatar-kuruk but it's not sure yet if there will be a reset (again...)? i really hope there wont be one because that would mean ...
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